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A bouquet that I got from Whole Foods this week. It’ll be making an appearance in some upcoming posts!

This week’s favorites include lots of sweet treats and one of my favorite carb-filled comfort foods. I’ve also included some picks for last-minute Easter options if you need them. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on these in the comments!

Sending you all good vibes for a beautiful week ♥

The Safe + Fair Food Company

I’ve seen this brand around for a while now but hesitated to spend the money because, to be honest, I wasn’t that excited about trying yet another granola or flavored popcorn. But the birthday cake flavored granola caught my eye at Target. The idea of sprinkles in granola sounded tasty so in the cart, it went. If you’re craving something sweet or are trying to introduce your kids to granola, you will love this. It is just sweet enough without being too much so, the sprinkles are super fun, and it tastes really good. I’ll definitely be buying this again. It pairs great with the dairy-free vanilla flavored yogurt from Oui, too. (see my reel here)

All of Safe + Fair’s products are plant-based, made with clean ingredients, and are allergy-friendly too. You can find them at Target, Amazon, on their website, Costco, and more.

Unreal Dark Chocolate Gems

If you miss M&M’s you’re going to love these! They’re just like M&M’s without the dairy, fake colors, and crappy ingredients. Quinoa is listed as an ingredient and if that weirds you out, fear not. It just adds a touch of crispiness to the gems and you can’t tell it’s in there. These are great to satisfy that sweet tooth or try them in my recipe for blondies.

I got these at Target and they’re also available on Thrive Market, Amazon, on the Unreal website, and you can use their store locator to find some gems near you.

Note: this brand does make products that contain milk, so be sure to check the labels before purchasing.

Kluski – Polish Potato Dumplings

We celebrated my husband’s birthday this week, and every year I make his favorite dish – Polish Roulade and Kluski. Roulade are thin slices of beef stuffed with bacon, onions, and breadcrumbs, rolled up and slowly roasted in tomato based sauce that is to-die-for. It is best served with a side of kluski, which are Polish potato dumplings similar to gnocchi. They can be tricky to get just-right but when you do, woah boy. They’re like little potato pillows of heaven that suck up any delicious sauce you put them in. My son goes crazy for these things and I always have to make at least a triple batch. I use this recipe from The Polish Housewife, and if you follow her tips you’ll end up with a delicious batch of dumplings.

The Easiest Homemade Chocolate Bunnies

dairy free chocolate easter bunny

I have been making these chocolate bunnies since my son was 2 years old (he’s 12 now) and they are super simple to make. All you need to make them is some chocolate of your choice and a cute bunny mold. It could not be easier, and this option gives you a classic Easter candy made with ingredients safe for you with the option to make it healthier. Enjoy Life and Hu would be two great options for these.

Nadamoo! Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Dairy-Free Ice Cream

If you’re looking for new nondairy ice cream this cookie dough option from NadaMoo is outrageously good! I got this for my son because he wanted cookie dough but doesn’t like chocolate, and birthday cake cookie dough is an option I haven’t seen much of. I couldn’t resist trying it and boy is this one tasty. It’s creamy and not overly sweet with a touch of sprinkles and good sized chunks of cookie dough. It’s so good! I got this at Whole Foods and you can use their store locator here.

dairy free cookie dough ice cream

What do you think of my favorites this week?

Please let me know in the comments! Love ’em, hate ’em, or do you want to see something else on the site? Leave a comment below with your feedback. I appreciate it!

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Have a beautiful week!


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