Cheese-Free Pizza from Amy’s

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One of the hardest foods for me to give up when I started my dairy free diet was pizza. Soy cheese pizza wasn’t an option for me either since my son also has a soy allergy.  As I was strolling through the frozen pizza aisle in my grocery store one day (pouting at the freezer door like a child wanting a puppy),  something on this pizza box caught my eye. “Non-Dairy”. I didn’t get too excited since mostly everything has some form of soy in it, but I quickly started jumping up and down when I read the ingredients. This pizza is completely soy and dairy free,  not to mention delicious! It satisfied my craving for pizza, and isn’t nearly as bad for you as the pies you get with cheese. Check out the ingredients, and make sure you give this cheese free pizza a try. It’s perfect for the Milk Free Mom, especially if you’re too busy to prepare dinner.  Amy’s also has a ton of other great products, and they’re all organic and prepared within minutes! Visit them on the web at

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