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Greetings from New England!

This week brought us a much-needed break from the bitter cold and ice storms that we’ve been experiencing, with milder temperatures hovering around 50°F. Although I find the snow to be quite beautiful, the older I get the more I seem to dislike Winter.

A pretty scene at our local farm after an ice storm.

Now that things are starting to melt and people are venturing outside more, everyone’s spirits are lifted and there are a lot more smiles to be seen. There’s a renewed sense of hope it seems, and we’re all welcoming it with open arms.

Since I was able to spend a little more time outside this week, my favorites include a couple of items that make my life more convenient when I’m short on time or don’t feel like fussing in the kitchen. There’s also an option for adding more movement and relaxation to your day, and a fun one for the kids (or adults). I’m also sharing a delicious option for dairy-free chocolate, although I should’ve shared this one sooner given that Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day, it seems to have arrived right at a time when it feels like the world could use a bit more love. With so much anxiety, fear, and anger over the past two years, I think we could all do well with spreading a bit of love around. You don’t need a special someone to do it. Spread it to your neighbor, your family, coworkers, the strangers on the street. You never know what battle they may be facing. Just a simple smile could make someone’s entire day and lift their spirits.

I’m spreading love to you, friends, and wishing you a wonderful week.

The GFB Gluten Free Bites

Wow, are these good! I first tried these gluten-free snacks a year or two ago but they sort of fell off my radar. In a recent search for some on-the-go snacks, I happened to remember these and immediately ordered them. If you’re looking for something to keep in your purse or for a sweet, healthy-ish treat, you’re going to love these.

I like the variety pack of bites, which includes four different flavors; a delicious peanut butter that’s rolled in chopped nuts, dark chocolate covered in coconut, coconut, and cashew, and dark chocolate and peanut butter covered with peanuts. I love them all. They’re free from soy, dairy, egg, and wheat, and certified vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. But you’ll never know that these are vegan or free from so many allergens. They’re decadent, delicious, and my absolute favorite thing this week.

Check them out on Amazon

Yoga with Adriene

I stumbled upon this YouTube channel when I was looking to shake up my existing yoga practice, and it was such a great find. Now I’m doing yoga with Adriene almost every day. There’s something for everyone on this channel, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate yogi, with ten minutes to spare or sixty. If you’re feeling anxious, looking to lose weight, or just want to zen out, you’ll be able to find a video to fit your needs. Her dog is adorable too, and you’ll quickly see why this channel has over 10 million subscribers.

Check out her free videos on YouTube

No Whey Vegan Chocolate

I’ve been a fan of No Whey Chocolate for years, and you may have seen me mention them before. They make delicious chocolate that’s free from the top 9 allergens, gluten-free, and kosher. You’ll find all sorts of tasty options on their website, including white chocolate, “milk” chocolate, truffles, and gorgeous holiday options. The candy selection is fantastic, and many items are great substitutes for old classics like Twix Bars, M&M’s, and peanut butter cups. There are also some yummy choices for gift giving, and I’ve always found their shipping to be on time and as promised.

Decadent, rich, and absolutely heavenly. Check them out here.

Tinker Crates

Tinker Crates are fun whether or not you have any kids in the house. My son has been subscribing to these monthly boxes for quite a few years now, working his way up from Kiwi (ages 5-8) to the Tinker Crate subscription (ages 9-14). You’ll get a new box every month, which is filled with fun little art or science projects that take about 30 minutes to complete. We get the science-based subscriptions, and they’re great short S.T.E.M. projects to do as a family. Some of our favorite boxes have been the Halloween-themed optical illusion box, a spinning art machine, and a walking robot. The Eureka crate is available for anyone ages 14-100, so there’s something available for everyone.

Check them out here.

Joi Almond Base For Dairy Free Milk And Sauces

Dairy Free Almond Milk Base

If you’ve been here a while, you may have seen my original post about Joi back in 2020. Well, this is still one of my favorite dairy-free finds, and I felt that it deserved to be shared again. The branding and packaging for Joi has changed, but it’s still the great, simple product that they started with. This is 100% almond paste, with no other ingredients. It makes the most delicious, fresh almond milk and rich, creamy sauces in just minutes and the result is much healthier than the premade alternatives you’ll find at the grocery store. This has been a lifesaver for me during the pandemic and food shortages, and having it on hand means we always have almond milk available when we need it. I use this in my Vitamix, and it couldn’t be more simple. Just add 1-2 tablespoons of the almond paste for every one cup of water and voilà, almond milk is ready! The brand also offers other items like oat milk powder, cashew milk concentrate, and a creamer base.

Check them out on Amazon.

Did you try any of my favorites?

Please let me know how you liked them! Did you like this post, or do you want to see something else on the site? Leave a comment below with your feedback. I appreciate it!

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