FoMu Premium Alternative Ice Cream

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FoMu Ice Cream

I’m always excited to try new dairy-free ice creams, especially if it’s described as having a “creamy, gelato-like consistency”. When I received pints of FoMu ice cream to sample, I have to admit that I was expecting just another average, coconut milk ice cream. Boy was I wrong. If you’re looking to impress some of your dairy-free friends, or sway someone into living a dairy-free lifestyle, then this is the ice cream to do the job.

All FoMu ice creams are 100% plant based, kosher, made from scratch, and produced with locally sourced ingredients and products from the Boston area . The consistency and taste of these ice creams is impressive, but even more impressive are some of the artisanal flavors that the company offers, such as Cardamom Pistachio, Espresso Bean, Mango Habernero, and Thai Chili Peanut.

Fomu Cherry Amaretto

The first flavor I tried was the Cherry Amaretto, which also happens to be my favorite. This ice cream leaves no hint of coconut flavor, and is loaded with huge pieces of cherry. The amaretto flavor is perfectly balanced;  not too over-powering and just bold and nutty enough.

The next flavor I tried was Cookies & Cream.  This was my little one’s favorite, not surprisingly. This creamy, coconut-based ice cream is loaded with chunks of house made cookies, which they adorably named “FoReos”.

Fomu Banoffee Pie

This was what FoMu calls “Banoffee Pie”, and it is flavorful and fun. Banana, toffee flavored ice cream is mixed with dark chocolate chips and pieces of graham cracker.

Fomu Salted Caramel

The Salty Caramel flavor is toasty, salty, sweet, and deliciously creamy. This would be amazing on top of one my Vegan Brownie Bites.

Check out FoMu’s website for the other amazing flavors that they offer, and to order a few pints for yourself!


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