Hey Boo Dairy-Free Coconut Caramel and Chocolate Spread

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If you’ve been looking for a dairy-free caramel option, then I’ve found just the thing for you. I kept seeing people posting about this caramel on social media, and just had to try it.

Honey Boo Dairy-Free Caramel

Straight out of the jar, I would describe this caramel as thick and gooey. The flavor is very similar to the real thing, and surprisingly I don’t taste a strong coconut flavor. The ingredients listed on the jar are:

coconut milk, organic sugar, tapioca syrup, inverted sugar, sea salt, and cream of tartar.

I warmed a couple tablespoons of it for a few seconds, which got it liquified and bubbly, and I poured it over my homemade applesauce with some coconut whip cream.

Applesauce With Dairy-Free Caramel

This was delicious. It tasted like caramel apple pie, without the crust! This caramel would also be great with some dairy-free ice cream, pancakes, apple slices, on pie, or even in coffee. I haven’t tried baking with it yet, but I’m sure this would be fantastic in baked goods.

The dairy-free coconut chocolate sauce was equally delicious.

Honey Boo Dairy-Free Chocolate Spread

This one definitely had a stronger coconut flavor than the caramel. I’m a big fan of coconut, so combining it with chocolate is a big win for me. This would be amazing on toast, pancakes, strawberries, and dairy-free ice cream sundaes. I should note that the flavor is very different from chocolate hazelnut spread. If that’s what you’re looking for, this won’t do the trick.

The ingredients on this jar are listed as:

coconut milk, organic sugar, tapioca syrup, cocoa powder, sunflower lecithin, and cream of tartar

Hey Boo also makes dairy-free caramel candies, lemon coconut jam, and mango coconut jam. You can find them online here, or on Amazon here.

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