No No’s Milk Like Chocolatey Candies

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No No’s are a vegan candy a bit similar to M&M’s. They have a crunchy, chocolatey shell, filled with deliciously smooth, marshmallow filling. Made by vegan candy company Premium Chocolatiers, these candies are free of nuts, dairy, gluten, eggs, and artificial flavors and colors.

No No Candies

These candies do contain soy, which is bad news for anyone who is avoiding it. My little guy couldn’t taste test these because of the soy, but if he was able to I think he would have loved them. Slightly crunchy, sweet, smooth on the inside…a cute, delicious little candy.

You can find No No’s and lots of other Milk Free Chocolate treats over at Premium Chocolatiers website. Check it out here

No No Nutritional Info

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