Product Review: Nutty Cow Dairy Free Cheese

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Dairy free mamas rejoice! A new dairy free cheese alternative is about to hit the market, and we all have great reason to be excited. I recently had the delicious opportunity to taste some samples of Nutty Cow Cheese, and I have to agree with the tagline; this IS crazy good nut cheese. I’ve had my fair share of cheese alternatives, and this is now truly one of my favorite brands.

Nutty Cow Cheese

First up, the maple pecan:

Maple Pecan Nutty Cow

This cheese blew me away. Think cream cheese, with chunks of nutty pecans and the sweetness of maple. I could eat this stuff by the gallon, and it would work wonders with so many different things. It was delicious on crostini with a slice of apple, and works spectacular on cinnamon bagels or baked fruit. My favorite food to pair this flavor with so far is a simple, fresh fig.

Nutty Cow and Figs

Next I tried out the ricotta style Nutty Cow:

Nutty Cow Ricotta

The creamy texture of this dairy free ricotta style cheese was right on. It was great with a fresh baguette and mixed in with pasta, and would be the perfect substitute to use in lasagna. It had a tasty herb flavor to it, but I do wish there was also a plain variation to use with fruits and sweets.

Last I had the Garlic Herb:

Garlic Herb Nutty Cow

This dairy free cheese had a flavor comparable to Lipton onion dip. It was fantastic as a chip dip or spread on crackers, and paired well with freshly cut raw vegetables. You could easily put this out at a party and no one would every guess that it was a dairy free cheese.

Nutty Cow is due to hit stores in about a month or so, and I could not be more excited. Take my advice and run, don’t walk, to get yours when it becomes available. Visit Nutty Cow’s website and like them on Facebook to stay up to date!

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  1. Awwww…I don’t think they’re around anymore. There’ve been no new posts to their Facebook page since August or so and the website isn’t working.

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