Vybes CBD and Adaptogenic Drinks

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I’ve been consuming much less alcohol in the past year, replacing it with things like lemon water, mocktails, adaptogenic beverages, and CBD drinks. I’ve noticed huge improvements in my energy, skin, mood, athletic performance, and overall feeling of well-being. One of my favorite things to drink when I find myself craving a cocktail is a functional beverage from Vybes. Vybes makes ready-to-drink adaptogenic and CBD drinks to support mind and body function, and they’re also very delicious and refreshing.

(Note: if you aren’t familiar with CBD, you can learn more about it here)

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All of the elixirs from Vybes are made using ingredients that are gluten-free and vegan. My favorite flavor is currently CBD blueberry mint, but I find them all to be very tasty. Here’s the listing of ingredients for the blueberry flavor for your reference:

Purified Water, Blueberry Juice*, Lemon Juice*, White Grape Juice*, Erythritol*, Stevia Leaf*, Mint*, Hemp Extract, Malic Acid, Magnesium, Citric Acid, Zinc & 100% LA Vibes! *Organically produced

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CBD has shown promising effects on anxiety, inflammation, depression, and relaxation and continues to be studied for its health benefits. Although it’s derived from hemp, it has no psychoactive ingredients which means it doesn’t get you high like marijuana. I choose to include CBD in my diet to help with inflammation and muscle soreness, and although it’s possibly a placebo effect I do feel more relaxed after taking it.

These drinks are made in Los Angeles and sold throughout the United States at Wegmans and other grocers and retailers. I buy them at a local wellness store, and I’ve also ordered directly from them online. They have a store locator here to find them near you.

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