10 Dairy Free Cookies Your Kids Will Love

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No time to bake? No problem! These dairy free cookies aren’t just tasty, convenient treats, but they’re also safe for our dairy free kiddies to eat!

  • Wheat and Dairy Free Newman-O’s  –  An organic, healthier alternative to Oreo’s, these cookies are wheat and dairy free. They’re a big hit in our house, and our toddler especially likes licking the dairy free creme out of the middle (who doesn’t?!).
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers – Made with whole food ingredients and low glycemic sweeteners, these cookies are loaded with chocolatey goodness without the milk. They’re manufactured in a dedicated gluten, dairy, and nut free facility right here in the USA, and the best part: they’re infused with love (or so they claim)!
  • Enjoy Life Foods –  We’re huge fans of all of this brand’s products, but the cookies are especially tasty. Free of the 8 most common food allergens (including dairy), and made in a dedicated facility with no artificial ingredients, these cookies will become a staple in your dairy free pantry. Flavors range from chocolate chip, to snickerdoodle, to lemon. Yum!
  • Dr. Lucy’s Allergy Friendly Cookies – Created by an MD and a mother to a child with severe food allergies, these cookies are a delicious alternative to those dealing with milk allergies. Their everything a cookie should be: crispy, crunchy, sweet, and delicious!
  • Sweet Alexis Bakery – Looking for a cookie that tastes like it just came out of Nana’s oven? Then Sweet Alexis has the cookie for you. These cookies have all the characteristics of a homemade cookie without all the work. Check out our review of Sweet Alexis products here.
  • Kinnikinnik Foods – Known for their popularity with gluten free eaters, most Kinnikinnik products are also dairy free. They offer a variety of dairy free cookies, but the animal cookies are a personal favorite for our dairy free toddler.
  • Home Free Treats – With a motto like “Treats You Can Trust”, these cookies are a dairy free dream. Home Free Treats are made in a dedicated facility, and offer a variety of flavors, sizes, and package options.
  • Ian’s Natural Foods – We’re big Ian’s fans over here. Everything from their fish sticks to the chicken nuggets is delicious, but the dairy free cookies are particularly scrumptious. Some of the cookies DO contain milk products, so check the labels carefully.
  • Gilbert’s Gourmet Goodies – Whether it be bite sized cookies, giant sized cookies, or frozen cookie dough that you’re craving, Gilbert’s got you covered. These are seriously delicious goodies that you’re whole family will love.
  • Divvies – Dedicated to providing allergy friendly treats for kids, these cookies are made without dairy, nuts, or eggs without sacrificing flavor. There are currently six fantastic flavors available for delivery right to your door, along with a monthly delivery program! How’s that for convenience?!?!

What are some of your favorite dairy free cookies? Please share!

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  1. I second your love for Ian’s and Enjoy Life brands. I have not tried their cookies yet. Thank you for this post!


    1. milkfreemom Author says:

      You’re very welcome! Let me know if you try the cookies. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

  2. Yeah for chocolate chip cookies without milk! Wish these were around when I was a kid 🙂

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