Tips for a safe and fun Halloween

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1. Have safe treats on hand.

I like to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters that are safe for everyone in my house. It’s an easy way to guarantee that you have safe candy on hand, and if there are leftovers you can actually enjoy them! I set some aside for ourselves before the trick-or-treating starts. When we’re done trick-or-treating, my little guy will give me all the things he can’t have (or doesn’t like) for a trade of the candies he can eat. Sometimes I create a little goodie bag ahead of time, with a mix of safe candy and/or nonfood treats like a small inexpensive Lego set, Hot Wheels cars, Pokemon cards, or $5 for his video game extras.

2. Talk about Halloween before the big night.

Kids are usually too excited on Halloween to listen to boring rules, and in my house it usually goes in one ear and out the other. Talking about Halloween before the day trick-or-treating arrives gives you plenty of time to lay down the ground rules for the night and all of the candy they’re about to get. One firm rule for my son has always been that no one eats ANY candy until mom or dad inspect it, are confident in the ingredients, and give permission to eat it. Talking beforehand ensures time for kids to ask questions, and for you to express the importance of safety while still enjoying the festivities.

3. Be positive. Focus on what you CAN have, rather than what you can’t.

It’s easy to get caught up in the challenges that Halloween brings, especially if you’re dealing with a life threatening allergy. Try to focus on the positives of the evening instead, like the excitement of dressing up, and spending time with friends and family. By having safe treats on hand, you’re also guaranteed to have something to enjoy. Keep the message upbeat and positive, and remember that it doesn’t have to be all about the food!

Our dentist offers a great buy back program after Halloween every year. The kids sell the dentist their Halloween candy for a small fee, and the dentist donates it to a local charity. It’s a great way to use unwanted candy and teach the kids about helping others.

I hope these tips help you have a fun filled, safe Halloween. Feel free to share your tips in the comments!

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