Amanda’s Own Confections

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I recently received some samples of dairy free chocolate from Amanda’s Own Confections to review, and what a treat they were! The chocolate is sweet, melts in your mouth, and comes in all sorts of fun shapes and options. According to the company, the ingredients in their products are:

  • Evaporated cane juice – sweetener from cane sugar
  • Chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic) – cocoa beans that have been roasted,
    ground and melted into liquid
  • Cocoa  butter (non-dairy) – natural fat of the cacao bean

The three items that I sampled were mini chocolate chips, car shaped chocolates (which were my toddler’s favorite, of course), and smiley face chocolates.

Amanda's Own Confections

Very cutely packaged, and the labels were clearly labeled with the ingredients (great if you’re gift giving).

First up were the smiley faces:

Amandas Own Smiley Faces

How cute are these?! Great for a special treat in packed lunches (or any time really),  these were chocolaty, sweet, adorable, and nicely packaged. A great little chocolate surprise to make anyone smile!

Amandas Own Chocolate Cars

The big winner in our house, these chocolate cars were absolutely adorable and amazingly detailed. Any little boy that likes cars and chocolate will just flip over these. There’s even a Mercedes in the bunch!

Amandas Own Chocolate Mercedes


Last but certainly not least were the mini chocolate chips:

Amandas Own Chocolate Chips

These were definitely tastier than some of the dairy free chocolate chips I’ve had. The bag is a bit larger (at 16 oz), than those I’ve purchased,  and sells for $7.50 on the company’s website. They were also delicious in my dairy, soy and egg free chocolate chip cookies!

Amanda’s Own offers great treats for many occasions including Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Chanukah, and the list goes on! So head on over to their site and get yourself some allergy friendly chocolaty treats!



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