Daiya Dairy Free & Vegan Cheese

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Cheese can be a tough thing to give up when you’re on a dairy free diet. So many foods become off limits, and dairy free cheese can be a hard thing to get used to. Until now. Daiya dairy free cheese is by far the best milk free cheese product I’ve ever had. A lot of other dairy free cheeses I’ve tried aren’t bad in the flavor department, but melting is pretty much nonexistent. Daiya TASTES like real cheese, MELTS like real cheese, and it even STRETCHES. This stuff is perfect for pizzas, mac and cheese dishes, cheese sauces, you name it. The cheeses are all milk and soy free, but be aware that they do contain coconut oil if you’re managing food allergies. You can find Daiya on the web , and it looks like Amazon might be offering it in the near future. Stock up!

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  1. Just curious if you’ve tried Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozz. I found it to taste so much better than Daiya!

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