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I recently received some samples from Honey Acres, manufacturers of raw, unfiltered honey products in Wisconsin. They’ve been making their products for over 160 years in Wisconsin, and it shows in their product. I was able to try the dark chocolate, honey straws, and the cinnamon creme honey. Not only were these treats delicious, but they all contained minimal, healthy ingredients.

Honey Acres Dairy-Free Treats

The dark chocolate truffles were definitely my favorite. They’re free of dairy, gluten, soy, and added sugar, and contain only two or three ingredients. They come in three flavors: mint, chocolate, and cocoa. The ingredients according to the packaging are:

mint: pure raw honey, peppermint extract, and 99% dark chocolate liquor

orange: pure raw honey, Valencia orange extract, and 99% dark chocolate liquor

cocoa: pure raw honey, 99% dark chocolate liquor

These little truffles are sweet and chocolatey, and definitely satisified my daily chocolate craving. The best part is that the healthy ingredients mean that I didn’t have to feel bad about eating them!

Honey Acres Cinnamon Creme

The Cinnamon Creme is definitely a dairy-free treat worth trying. The creme is a blend of clover, honey, and cinammon, and deliciously sweet and very spreadable. This is great on toast and bagels, and would also be great on ice cream, pie, or french toast. The creme is also available in other flavors, including raspberry, lemon, and cinnamon apple.

The honey straws are also a fun, convenient, sweet treat to have on hand. Each 7-inch plastic straw is filled with 5g honey and individually wrapped, which makes them perfect for offering with tea, or to pack in your bag for an on-the-go goody.

To learn more about Honey Acres or to shop their products, visit their website here.

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