My Favorite Dairy-Free Finds at Whole Foods

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Dairy Free Finds At Whole Foods

They finally opened a Whole Foods closer to my home, and I was pretty excited to visit. Although I’m a Wegmans girl at heart, I really enjoyed the set-up of this new store, and found lots of dairy-free goodies. Here are some of my favorites:

Whole Foods Dairy Free Hostess Cupcakes

These were definitely my favorite find. I found them in a freezer near the bakery, and they’re free of top 7 allergens: dairy, gluten, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, and peanuts. I was not expecting these to be as good as they are, and they actually do taste similar to a Hostess cupcake. I like that they are mini-sized to keep my portion control in check. According to the website, these are now called Mini Mo’s, and the recipe has changed. You can find more info here.

Ingredients on my package of cupcakes are: Water, flour mix (white rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, guar gum, salt), organic light brown sugar, organic cane sugar, canola oil, cocoa, natural vanilla flavor, egg replacer (potato starch, tapioca flour, leavening [calcium lactate {non-dairy source}, calcium carbonate, cream of tartar], cellulose gum, modified cellulose), baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, potato starch, potassium bicarbonate), espresso, baking soda, salt, chocolate (evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor, non-dairy cocoa butter), PGPR (non-GMO emulsifier), organic coconut cream (coconut milk [coconut, water], guar gum, vanilla bean paste [sugar, water, pure vanilla bean extract, vanilla beans]), organic powdered sugar, organic sustainably sourced palm oil

Whole Foods Dairy Free Ravioli

Made with handmade dough filled with whipped almond ricotta, fresh garlic and sauteed spinach, these dairy-free ravioli from Kite Hill were a pleasant find. These are also available with mushroom instead of spinach, and they cook in boiling water for 4 – 6 minutes.

Spinach and Ricotta ingredients: Filling (non-dairy ricotta cheese [almond milk {water, almonds}, salt, enzymes, cultures], spinach, breadcrumbs [wheat flour, non-bone char sugar, yeast, salt], roasted garlic base [roasted garlic, salt, maltodextrin from corn], natural vegan flavors, corn starch, canola oil, sesame oil), garlic, salt, black pepper, pasta (durum flour, water, beta-carotene)

vegan croissants

If you miss croissants because you can’t eat real butter, these are the perfect alternative and taste just like the real thing. Whole Foods bakes these vegan croissants that are flaky, full of rich buttery flavor, and no one would ever guess that they’re vegan. You can find them in the bakery section of the store, where they’re usually made fresh daily.

Ingredients: Unbleached Enriched Flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Water, Margarine (palm oil, canola oil, water, sugar, vegetable monoglycerides, soy lecithin, natural flavor, citric acid, annatto and tumeric, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin d2), Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Wheat Gluten, Natural Flavor, Vegetable Proteins (pea, potato, fava bean), Vegetable Oil (sunflower, canola), Dextrose, Corn Maltodextrin, Corn Starch, Ascorbic Acid, Food Enzymes (xylanase, amylase).

dairy free pizza

Pizza is a hard food to replace if you can’t eat dairy, but Daiya created this amazing option that tastes as close to the real thing as you can get. Not only is it dairy free, but it’s also free from soy and gluten, as well as being vegan. This is the top choice for pizza in our house. The cheese melts perfectly, the crust bakes soft and slightly crisp, and the plant based meat has a flavor and texture very similar to the real thing. If you haven’t tried a Daiya pizza yet, I highly recommend them.

Ingredients: Gluten-free Crust (Water, Tapioca Starch, Brown Rice Flour, White Whole Grain Sorghum Flour, Potato Starch, Olive Oil, Cane Sugar, Milled Flax Seed, Yeast, Psyllium, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum), Tomato Basil Sauce (Water, Tomato Paste, Olive Oil, Onions, Basil, Salt, Garlic, Xanthan Gum, Spices), Daiya Mild Mozzarella Style Shred (Filtered Water, Tapioca Starch, Non-gmo Expeller Pressed Canola And/or Non-gmo Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Pea Protein Isolate, Salt, Inactive Yeast, Vegan Natural Flavors, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid (Vegan), Titanium Dioxide (A Naturally Occurring Mineral), Yeast Extract), Beyond Meat Italian Sausage-style Crumbles (Water, Pea Protein Isolate, Non-gmo Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Natural Flavors, Garlic, Spices, Calcium Sulfate, Paprika, Potassium Bicarbonate, Caramel Color, Yeast Extract, Salt, Onion), Crimini Mushrooms, Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Red Onion.

vegan pepperoni pizza

Amy’s is another brand that offers dairy free pizza, and this Vegan Pepperoni option is one we enjoy frequently. We haven’t been able to find this one lately because of COVID, but we’re hoping it will be back on shelves soon.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic tomato purée, organic vegan mozzarella-style cheeze (filtered water, organic potato starch, organic coconut oil, sea salt, organic ground sunflower kernels, natural flavoring, organic fruit and vegetable concentrate [organic carrot, organic pumpkin and organic apple]), organic brown rice flour, tapioca starch, organic potato starch, organic extra virgin olive oil, soy cheeze — mozzarella type (filtered water, organic expeller pressed soybean oil, organic soymilk powder, natural flavors, inulin [chicory root extract], agar agar, sea salt, organic soy protein, lactic acid), organic garbanzo bean flour, organic cannellini beans, organic tofu (filtered water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride), organic potato flour, organic cane sugar, sea salt, paprika, psyllium, organic basil, baking powder (calcium phosphate, baking soda, cornstarch), organic garlic, yeast, organic flax seed meal, spices, mustard powder, nutritional yeast, black pepper, organic beet root powder. contains soy. includes sunflower seeds.

vegan flatbread pizza

If you love flatbread pizza as much as I do, you’ll definitely want to give this Vegan Harvest a try. It’s full of crispy, wood-fired flavor, and the dairy free cheese melts and tastes pretty close to the real thing.

Ingredients: Crust: 100% Organically Grown Hard Red Wheat, Good Mountain Water, Sea Salt, Fresh Yeast. Toppings: Organic Tomato Sauce (Organic Tomatoes, Fresh Organic Onions, Fresh Organic Carrots, Fresh Organic Celery, Organic Garlic, Organic Red Wine, Pure Organic Maple Syrup, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Fresh Organic Parsley, Organic Herbs, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Red Pepper Flakes), Daiya(Tm) Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds (Filtered Water, Tapioca And/or Arrowroot Flours, Non-Gmo Expeller Pressed Canola And/or Non-Gmo Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Pea Protein, Salt, Vegan Natural Flavors, Inactive Yeast, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Vegan Lactic Acid {derived From Sugar}, Titanium Dioxide {a Naturally Occurring Mineral}), Fresh Organic Parsley, Herbs, Kosher Salt.

Whole Foods Dairy Free Frosting

I’ve had products made by Wholesome before, but hadn’t seen this strawberry frosting yet. As with their other products I’ve tried, Wholesome hit it out of the park with this frosting. It’s Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan. It’s also made with organic powdered sugar, and NO high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors! It was delicious on a simple homemade vanilla cake (and maybe a scoop or two straight out of jar).

INGREDIENTS: Organic Powdered Sugar (Organic Sugar, Organic Tapioca Starch), Organic Palm Oil, Organic Invert Sugar, Water, Organic Corn Starch, Less than 2% of the following: Natural Flavor, Organic Strawberry Flavor, Unbleached Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Mixed Tocopherol (Antioxidant), Organic Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Organic Gum Acacia, Xanthan Gum

dairy free butter

Earth Balance has been a go-to brand for our family for over a decade, and this buttery spread was the saving grace I needed when we first had to quit dairy. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional butter, this brand offers delicious options that come in both tub and stick form. The tub is great for daily cooking and things like toast, and the sticks are great for baking. They offer an original and soy free option, as well as an organic recipe.

Ingredients:  Natural Oil Blend (Palm Fruit, Canola, Safflower, Flax, And Olid Oils), Filtered Water, Contains Less Than 2% Of Pure Salt, Natural Flavor (Plant Derived From Corn, No Msg, No Alcohol, No Gluten), Pea Protein, Sunflower Lecithin, Lactic Acid (Non-Dairy), And Naturally Extracted Annatto For Color.

Dairy Free Doritos

If you were once a fan of Doritos and are looking for a dairy free (or healthier) option, these chips are a great option. They’re crispy, crunchy, and loaded with zesty ranch flavor that you would never guess is dairy free. This is one of my favorite brands, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen their products in my Stories. All Siete’s products are gluten and grain free, and are made from simple, wholesome ingredients. They quickly became a weekly go-to for me, and you’ll see more products from them later on in this list.

Ingredients: Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Ground Chia Seed, Sea Salt, Coconut Milk Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Dill Weed, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Parsley Powder

dairy free nacho doritos

This is another flavored tortilla chip offered up by Siete, and they’ve become a regular in my pantry. Similar to the ranch option, this nacho flavor reminds me of Doritos without all the added junk and dairy. There’s plenty of crispiness to satisfy those crunchy chip cravings, and lots of snappy spice without the heat.

Ingredients: Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Ground Chia Seed, Sea Salt, Tomato Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Smoked Serrano Powder, Citric Acid, Jalapeño Powder, Toasted Onion Powder, Roasted Garlic Powder

vegan mac and cheese

One of the foods that I really missed when I had to give up dairy was mac and cheese. Thankfully (a decade later) there are some great dairy free cheeses available to make mac and cheese from scratch. If you’re looking for a good boxed version, this Deluxe Cheeze Mac by Daiya is my favorite option. It comes with a premade cheese packet similar to Velveta, which melts in to a smooth, creamy, cheesy sauce. This is also free from gluten and soy, which makes it a great choice for families with multiple dietary restrictions.

Ingredients: Brown rice pasta (whole grain brown rice, rice bran, water), filtered water, tapioca starch, non-GMO expeller pressed: canola and/or safflower oil, coconut oil, sea salt, vegan natural flavours, pea protein isolate, tricalcium phosphate, cane sugar, lactic acid (vegan), xanthan gum, yeast extract, titanium dioxide (naturally occurring mineral), annatto (colour), onion

vegan mac and cheese

This vegan mac and cheese from Pastabilities is another great options for younger kids. Toddlers will love the sea creature shapes, and it comes in a family sized box for decent portion sizes.

Ingredients: Organic Pasta (100% Durum Wheat Flour), Organic Vegan Cheddar Cheese Seasoning (Organic Palm Oil Powder (Organic Palm Oil, Organic Rice Syrup Solids, Organic Pea Protein, Silicone Dioxide, Sunflower Lecithin), Organic Rice Syrup Solids, Sea Salt, Organic Corn Starch, Natural Flavors, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Sunflower Lecithin, Lactic Acid Powder, Organic Annatto Extract For Color.)

dairy free cheese

And speaking of dairy free cheese, Whole Foods has a pretty great selection to choose from. Some of my favorites are Daiya, Violife, Miyoko’s, and Kite Hill.

vegan cheddar cheese

Violife is one of my favorite dairy free brands, and one that I always recommend to people just starting out on their dairy free journey. Their cheeses have flavor that is as close to the real thing as you can get. The texture and ability to melt is better than most other nondairy options I’ve tried, and there are a variety of options to choose from. They offer shreds, slices, shreddable mozzarella and parmesan, feta, and cream cheese. This brand uses no GMO’s, preservatives, gluten, or weird ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Food Starch-Modified (Potato & Corn), Potato Starch, Salt (Sea Salt), Cheddar Flavor (vegan sources), Olive Extract, Paprika extract & Beta Carotene (Color), Vitamin B12.

dairy free colby jack shredded cheese

These vegan colby jack cheese shreds are my go-to for Mexican dishes and cheesy omelets. They’re great in quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, and mac and cheese.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Food Starch-modified (Potato & Corn), Potato Starch, Salt (Sea Salt), Organic Ground Sunflower Kernel, Colby Jack Flavor (Vegan Sources), Lactic Acid, Olive Extract, Paprika Extract & Beta Carotene (Color), Vitamin B12, Powdered Cellulose Added To Prevent Caking.

dairy free parmesan

This vegan parmesan shreds just like the real thing, and the flavor is very similar. It’s great for topping big bowls of pasta, vegan lasagnas, pesto sauces, and roasted vegetables.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Potato & Rice Starch, Food Starch-Modified (Potato), Coconut Oil, Salt (Sea Salt), Rice Protein, Parmezan Flavor (Vegan Sources), Olive Extract, Beta Carotene (Color), Vitamin B12.

dairy free cream cheese

If you’re looking to make a dairy free cheesecake, this vegan cream cheese works like a dream. It’s perfect in my Blueberry Cheesecake Tart, or to simply smear on a bagel.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch, Salt (Sea Salt), Glucono-delta-lactone, Flavor (Vegan Sources), Olive Extract, Vitamin B12.

vegan cream cheese

Kite Hill is another brand that I absolutely love for their nondairy options. I’ve used this cream cheese alternative many times for baking, and the results are always very similar to what I get using traditional cream cheese. This cream cheese has a bit more tang than Violife’s, and has all the smooth, creamy texture you’d expect out of a cream cheese.

Ingredients: Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Salt, Enzyme, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Mushroom Extract (to help preserve freshness), Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Cultures

dairy free ranch dip

Kite Hill also offers nondairy dips that are perfect for veggies and chips. Ranch, french onion, ad tzatziki are the flavor options currently available, and they’re the perfect addition to your appetizer spread or veggie boards. We enjoy all three flavors, but these do have a distinct difference in flavor from the traditional dips you’re used to.

French Onion Ingredients: Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Rice Starch, Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Onion Powder, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Dehydrated Parsley, Caramelized Sugar, Xanthan Gum, Live Active Cultures

Ranch Ingredients: Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Rice Starch, Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic Powder, Spices, Cane Sugar, Lactic Acid Powder, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Live Active Cultures

Tzatziki Ingredients: Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Cucumbers, Rice Starch, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Garlic, Dill, Onions, Maltodextrin, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Locust Bean Gum, Black Pepper, Natural Flavor, Live Active Cultures

dairy free queso

Grab those Siete chips I mentioned earlier and get yourself dipping in to this vegan queso! This is a great addition to those mile-high nachos, and a creamy, spicy option to dip your fresh veggies in.

Ingredients: Cooked Chickpeas (Water, Chickpeas), Pumpkin Puree, Water, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Diced Tomatoes (Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Citric Acid, Calcium Chloride), Green Chile Peppers (Green Chile Peppers, Calcium Chloride, Citric Acid, Salt), Sea Salt, Ground Flaxseed, Nutritional Yeast, Dried Onion, Chipotle Chile Pepper Powder, Garlic, Citric Acid, Jalapeno Powder, Beta Carotene (For Color).

Whole Foods Dairy Free Dressing

Made right in my home state of Massachusetts, this dressing by Cindy’s Kitchen is a new find for me.  Although this isn’t a dairy-free company, they do offer a few options that dairy-free or vegan.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Sweet White Miso (Organic Soybeans, Organic Rice Koji, Sea Salt, Water, Koji Spores), Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Organic White Vinegar, Mustard Flour, Garlic. *GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS: SOY .

Whole Foods Dairy Free Cheesecake

Daiya has made it’s way to lots of stores across the country, but this cheesecake is worth talking about again. The perfect summer time treat, I love Daiya Cheezecake and keep one in the freezer for a last minute lifesaver. Kids love the strawberry flavor, and no one will guess that this is dairy-free.

Key Lime Cheezecake ingredients: Cheezecake filling (Filtered water, creamed coconut, cane sugar, coconut oil, tapioca starch, non-GMO expeller pressed: canola and/or safflower oil, potato starch, pea protein, key lime juice concentrate, vegan natural flavours, sea salt, vegetable glycerin, sodium alginate, xanthan gum, lactic acid (vegan), tricalcium phosphate, cultured sugar, agave syrup, vegan enzyme)Gluten-free crust (tapioca starch, cane sugar, coconut oil, brown rice flour, white whole grain sorghum flour, filtered water, potato starch, non-GMO expeller pressed: canola and/or safflower oil, blackstrap molasses, vanilla extract, milled flax seed, psyllium, baking powder, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum)Contains: Coconut

Whole Foods Dairy Free Cookies

Nothing groundbreaking here, but these vanilla sandwich creme cookies are dairy-free and kid approved so you can’t go wrong. Think vanilla Oreo’s with slightly better ingredients. They’re made by Whole Foods store brand, 365, and were reasonably priced at $2.99.


Whole Foods Dairy Free Marshmallows

Another item that you’ve probably seen at other stores, Dandies natural marshmallows are worth finding if you haven’t already. They’re made without high fructose corn syrup and gelatin, and are vegan and non-gmo project verified. No one will be able to tell the difference between these and your average store bought marshmallow, but you can feel better about the ingredients. They also make pumpkin and peppermint flavored, which is fun for a seasonal treat.

Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Tapioca Starch, Carrageenan, Soy Protein, Natural Vanilla Flavor. Contains: Soy. Gluten Free.

I found these Heavenly Creme Cakes in the frozen section, and they’re similar to Twinkies! They’re free from gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy, and made in a facility certified to be free from those ingredients.  I found the creme filling to be a bit sweeter than in a Twinkie, but overall it’s a good substitute. There is also a chocolate version available. Since they’re frozen you need to thaw it for two hours before eating, or microwave it for ten seconds.


Whole Foods CocoWhip

Last but certainly not least is CocoWhip by So Delicious. I love this brand and all of their products, and although they can be found almost anywhere now, CocoWhip is worth mentioning again. This is an easy dairy-free Cool Whip replacement, made without high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, gluten, soy, or gmo ingredients.


There were also vegan and dairy-free items in the bakery and prepared foods section of the store, which can be pretty hard to find. The juice bar is a must-try, although a bit on the pricey side. I’m excited to add Whole foods in to my grocery store rotation and to try more of their dairy-free items. What are your favorite dairy-free finds at Whole Foods?

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